Finding Her Curves
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Finding Her Curves by Joann Baker & Patricia Mason


Logan Montgomery was a horn dog at best, man-whore at worst. He was an old-fashioned playboy for sure. That was his way of life—until her. For almost a year, he’d ignored the pull he felt for the curvy doctor. As a search and rescue officer, he knew life could change instantly, but he still hesitated to act on his feelings for Penny. He knew that once he gave in to the raw, hot desire, he had for her, his life would change forever. It wasn’t until she was in trouble that he allowed the wall he’d built around his heart to come tumbling down.

Curvy girl Penny Anderson didn’t intend to get lost on the mountain that surrounded her small hometown, but that’s exactly where she found herself—alone and in the dark. She didn’t know what she dreaded most—spending the night in the woods or being rescued by the bane of her existence. She’d squelched the feelings she had for the handsome search and rescue officer for almost a year. He was everything she wasn’t looking for in a man. According to the hospital gossip, he was afraid of commitment and a womanizer to boot. No, she wanted the hearts and flowers and timeless love. She knew it existed. And, she knew, despite everything, Logan Montgomery was the man she wanted for life.

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