Fire in the Water
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Fire in the Water by Pat G'Orge-Walker

Smooth-talking Musician, Sanjay Thomas' "hit it and quit it" past has caught up to him. Like a Mack truck, it will flip him and leave him waffling, wondering if Jesus was only kidding about forgiving him. Falling in love with best selling author, Celeste Francois, was unplanned. That romance placed him in a situation where a 'lie' will force him to make another life-altering decision; if he leaves her, he will save Celeste's fragile self-esteem and her amazing literary career from being destroyed, staying is no longer an option. Sanjay Thomas makes the sacrifice to abandon her ...but for how long? Celeste Francois, a single mother with a pair of ten year-old high-spirited twin girls, Jonnay and Jeannette, is on a mission. Celeste is seeking revenge on the man who told her he didn't care if she thought she was overweight. He didn't care if she was more successful in her writing career than he was as a struggling musician. He said he just wanted her for her. She knew he lied when he suddenly disappeared without a word. . Nothing has prepared her for the shock of learning the object of her hatred will return from the shadows fifteen years later until the church hires him to be the musical director for the Masterpiece she works hard to put in production. Now she's mad and conflicted enough to think she can persuade Jesus to let her have revenge on the man who's turned her world upside down, after that they can go their separate ways. Celeste brings her own brand of hell to Sanjay. Heaven help him, he's going to need it.
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