Fireworks and Frenemies
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Bob “Mac” Mackenzie has finally started construction on the house of his dreams. The lakeside paradise is everything he imagined, with the exception of the nightmare next door. The pretty project manager apologizes for the inconveniences her own build is causing, but the accidents keep happening. The Holiday Beach mansion she designed was supposed to be the diamond in architect Lori Baker’s crown, but instead she’s wearing dirt on her face. Impossible clients are driving her to the brink, and a few initial misunderstandings with the handsome neighbor have turned every interaction into all-out war. When Lori is fired after she tries to fix some of the damage the owners cause to Mac’s property, she finds herself stranded and jobless. With nothing to go home to, Holiday Beach could be the perfect place to start over on her own Independence Day. All she needs is a chance to showcase her skills—but her best shot is with her worst enemy.
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