FOCUS: An overachievers’ guide to success and personal growth (THE MODERN PSYCHOLOGY Book 1)
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Speaking on focus as a beginner, it can be hard to truly understand how deep the concept can go. In this first series, we have explored so many aspects of focus that are mandated knowledge for newbies. Once you had understood the concept and power of focus, you were ready for everything else. The human mind is much more penetrable and more within your control with focus. Book one sees all these points and takes you on the journey of success through the power of focus. Success is not just your finances or career but in every little aspect of your life. Then the series explores the many benefits anyone of any age, gender, and situation stands to get from being more focused. Next comes a complete look into the many factors that can hinder focus. Looking from health, emotional, psychological, physical, and personal reasons.At this point, it is time for you to look at rebuilding the mind as an initial step to take to become more focused. Once the mind is set, you can now attempt to be more focused by knowing how to. But knowing how to be focused is not enough if your goals and dreams are unrealistic. So the series tells you how to build realistic goals. Then head back to practising focusing and exploring the simple exercises to help you. At the last lap of the series, we look at time management in the eyes of focusing. Seeing the importance of managing your time better. Finally, we explore focus with the use of a to-do list. All these are but a primary stage fitting to prepare the eager overachiever for a life of success with the aid of focus. The first series is an initial step and must be covered thoroughly for the rest of the book to make sense to you or, more importantly, for the rest of the series to work for you. It is my hope and certainty that you will come out a more shaped and moulded soul truly ready for success at the end.The concept and meaning of the term focusThe power of focus and how much it can drive people to do thingsHow focus can help achieve success in various aspects of human livesThe benefits of focus which anyone can take advantage ofFactors that may affect focusing for both the new and seasoned student of focusHow to rebuild the mind to become and behave with more focusWays that can help anyone be more focused in any aspect of their lifeThe importance of identifying realistic goals and unrealistic expectations and dreamsEffect of unrealistic goals on your journey to focusingExercises anyone can follow to test and build their focus levelHow to use time management as a preamble for focusHow to plan each day to help you focus more throughout the daySetting up a to-do list to help you outline what needs to be done, thereby creating more focus
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