Forbidden Ink
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Forbidden Ink by Liza Malloy

Loving the bad boy never felt so good... Ashley Kensington has it all—affluence, status, and the perfect boyfriend. Sheltered by her exclusive southern island community and overprotective father and brothers, Ashley has never strayed from the path her parents chose for her. Until now. When Adam Bricker rolls into town with no money, no family, and no ambition for the future, there’s no reason that Ashley Kensington should be attracted to him; yet she is. Adam doesn’t mind that the locals can’t see past his collection of tattoos and his New England accent. Everyone assumes Adam isn’t good enough for Ashley, but he’s certain he can make her happy and he’s ready to fight for what he wants. For a while, Ashley believes nothing can shatter their epic romance. But when the unexpected happens, Adam is forced to accept that maybe everyone else was right about him from the start.
ISBN: 1950478041
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