Forever, and A Day
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Forever, and A Day by Brenda King Kelly

Sins and secrets and unresolved conflicts from the previous generation derailed a family’s reality. Consumed with tension and uncertainty about their current relationships, they suffered and blamed each other for their misery and shortcomings. Was it their destiny to sustain a lifelong vendetta or seek forgiveness and hope for a peaceful future? Strangely enough, the truth would be an alternative to a peaceful resolution but would open the door to additional problems. Unintentionally, the individual that innocently contributed to the discord and strife at the beginning of the misunderstanding will reunite them. What seemed like forever for them to come together as a family, was a day for him. If people knew Elijah’s back story, they would not pass judgement or condemn him. Whether he was from the other side of the track or behind the barbed wire, he was innocent of the misdemeanor that confined him to prison but guilty of the crimes that extended his sentence. Issues of abandonment caused by the previous generations constantly impacted his happiness, yet he was grateful to begin a life that he dared to imagine. From a malnourished juvenile delinquent in need of love to a Godly jailbird, he overcame undue trials and tribulations that tested his faith. Many tried to help him but only one successfully won his heart. Fate connected Elijah with people that were broken in spirit due to circumstances beyond their control. Rivalries, acts of deception and personal problems, mental and emotional, fueled their disagreements, haunted their judgements, enraged their tempers, and prolonged the bitterness and animosity. With a heartfelt desire to be happy as a family, they all cried for a miracle, searched for answers, and prayed for peaceful resolution to the drama. Just when they were about to give up, redemption comes as an ordinary person teaching forgiveness through love, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Forever and a Day is a testimony of Elijah’s faith in the promises of God. Despite his personal pain, he still believed that God would restore his life. His testimony began when he met people like him struggling and suffering from generational trauma. Little do they know that there is an alternative to their desire to be happy and at peace with one another. Letting go of the past took forever for some, but only a day for one of them. Furthermore, this book covers a plethora of themes that impact our lives as Christians.
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