Fresh Starts and Small Town Hearts
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A lawyer trying to prove her worth... A handyman who thinks she's worth everything.. Vivian Bradford is a woman on the run from her past. When her estranged grandmother dies and leaves Vivian the family home, she finally thinks her life might be heading in the right direction. After the people of Carson’s Bayou realize who she is, will they welcome her into their small-town community? Or will she be forced to run again? Lucas Wade recognizes the black-haired spitfire from his childhood the minute he sees her breaking into her grandmother’s house across the street. Can his easy-going manner and their growing attraction blossom into a love strong enough to help Vivian Bradford overcome her fears from long ago? This clean small town contemporary inspirational romance set in the fictional town of Carson’s Bayou, Louisiana, is a funny, heartwarming story of how love can find a way, even among opposites who are not looking for romance. What readers are saying about Fresh Starts and Small Town Hearts: “This story is a sweet romance full of wonderful characters, humor, small town living, spiritual growth of the characters, and southern charm. You can’t go wrong with this book.”
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