Friendship with God
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Friendship with God by Jamie Moore


Deep friendship with God is not only possible, it’s why He created you.

Are you tired of feeling bored and disconnected from God and others?

Have you read the Bible and had an underlying dissatisfaction in your relationship with God?

Maybe you have heard about individuals who the Bible called “friends of God,” who partnered with Him to do amazing things—all the while you are bored, disconnected, ashamed, and afraid.

This conversational and practical book is an invitation to start a friendship between you and God.

If you put into practice what is found in Friendship with God, you will:

✓ Experience freedom from paralyzing fear

✓ Discover your true identity and live secure in God’s love

✓ Hear God speak to you every day

✓ Walk in peace and be present with those around you

✓ See the supernatural power of God flow through you to others

You will become a friend of God.

What’s stopping you from taking this journey today and becoming deep friends with God?

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