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GIORGIO by John Rawlings

One man’s life is the deadly target in an ancient mystery, highlighting the impact family lineage makes on buried dealings within the Catholic Church. When art historian Salvatore “Sal” Gagliardo convinces his fellow art historian wife, Theresa, to take a sabbatical, they venture to Italy with their young son. As Theresa works on her book at the prestigious Archivo in Venice, she discovers mysteries that were hidden for hundreds of years in one of Donatello’s most famous sculptures. While Sal explores further, he continues to find clues in old art and unexpectedly learns sinister secrets the church is keeping, which threaten to uncover corrupt societies and sordid family secrets. Despite cryptic warnings, Sal won’t stop until he figures out what he’s stumbled upon—even when the truth puts his life in danger. This historical mystery will delight fans of Dan Brown and readers who enjoy shocking twists unfolding in a country that harbors countless secrets. Until now.
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