Glitch: A Precarious Duo
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Glitch: A Precarious Duo by S A Hicklen

Have you ever felt that your life is like a movie, but someone else is writing the script? Sandra feels that way all the time, but she feels trapped and unable to do a damn thing about it. That all changes the day she's kidnapped.       Sandra Verhoeven is a 15-year-old fashion model trying to make it big in her profession. However, she was having real doubts about her life trajectory. Despite the constant prodding from her mother, Midori, Sandra had lost enthusiasm for her career and was ready for a change. Working at a fashion show in her hometown of Salt Lake City, Sandra gets more than she bargained for when a creepy stalker abducts her. She then makes a miraculous escape with unplanned assistance from Ike Dreyer.      A Gulf War veteran, Ike was fleeing a dangerous and deadly jewel heist that left him the last man standing. Despite being a total stranger, Sandra quickly felt safe and comfortable in Ike's company. So, with pluck and craftiness, she shanghaied Ike and forced him to take her with him since she didn't want to return to her old life.     Catapulted into a desperate journey across the American southwest, this odd couple has an unavoidable rendezvous with Vincent Dupree, a very shady Vegas nightclub operator at the top of the criminal conspiracy that brought Sandra and Ike into each other's orbit.
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