God and the Blended Family
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LaToya Roberts has had many accomplishments in life, but still hasn’t achieved her biggest dream of all – to marry and have a family of her own. When a chance meeting with her high school sweetheart, old feelings come back to the surface. He’s everything she’s always wanted, but Jacob “Jake” Roberts is in denial about his feelings, or more importantly, his true intentions. Despite Jake’s misgivings and concerns for his young son, he moves forward with a relationship, hoping that all will work out in the end. LaToya, on the other hand, is all about the Lord and Jake is not into going to church. But, he’s everything she’s always wanted. Can LaToya, let go of her high school anger and heartbreak, trust the people God placed in her life to give her the right advice and love his child as her own? Is this rekindled romance destiny or is it the beginning of an ugly chapter in their lives? See what drama unfolds in God and the Blended Family!
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