Grant Us Mercy: Installment One
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When the world goes dark, one family realizes that all their preparation means nothing if they don’t have each other. For Secret Service Agent, Blake Chantry, ensuring that his superiors thrive in the face of a national disaster has been his primary objective. Fulfilling his duty pales in the face of adversity when a blazing inferno separates him from his family. The power grid fails, vehicles explode, and mob-rule follows closely behind, but Blake risks everything to save his family. Kris Chantry’s husband had prepared her, though she never believed it would actually happen...until it does. When her car stalls and bursts into flames leaving her and her young son fighting through wild fires, road blocks, and the unknown, Kris digs deep, remembers her training, and is ready to sacrifice everything for her son to survive. Join Blake and Kris on this action-packed inception to the edge of your seat journey in the post-apocalyptic serial novel, Grant Us Mercy. The entirety of this thrilling series is complete and available. **Grant Us Mercy is a clean post-apocalyptic book, no swearing and mild violence, suitable for teens and young adults.**
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