Greenhorn by Cheryl Hunter

Nic, a whip-smart fourteen-year-old cowgirl from rural Colorado, longs to grow up quickly and be somebody. When a summer tragedy spirals out of control, Nic blames the curse of the late Comanche Chief Greenhorn – also a teen – who similarly is devastated when his tribe and homeland are taken. Through Nic’s and Chief Greenhorn’s intertwined paths, adversity, redemption, and grace are discovered. Who do you become if you lose everything? “It's rare to see a supernatural saga turn into a life message that will draw young adults with intrigue and conclude with new empowerment possibilities. Greenhorn is all this and more—a vivid, enlightening story that libraries and readers will find compelling, unexpected, and thoroughly engrossing.” – Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review “Cheryl Hunter's Greenhorn showcases impeccable story pacing, a highly relatable narrative, and the chapters thoughtfully crafted to showcase Nicole's growth and her profound journey of self-discovery. This book presents a mirror to the struggles of youth, making it easily relatable and enjoyable for a broad audience.” – Karen Almeida, Literary Titan “Nic's journey is fraught with tragedy as one event is eclipsed by the next, and she seeks guidance and gifts stemming from her Native American heritage and spiritual training to break the curse's hold .… the ending delivers a twist that leaves us feeling at peace.” – Jamie Michele, Readers Favorite
ISBN: 978-1956048223
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