Growing Hope
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Growing Hope by Malory Ford

Sage Jameson has long been described as a force of nature. She always has a passel of plates she's juggling, her passion for her causes and drive to succeed the only thing most people see. It's how she likes it, but covering up her weaknesses might just cost her dearly. Bryan Rockford is the billionaire heir of Rockford Properties, a real estate empire led by his father and business partner. He's desperate to prove himself, but at what cost? When Rockford Properties acquires a private nature preserve on Magnolia Island, their plans to build a resort infuriate environmentalist Sage. But, as she and Bryan lock horns in the fight of their lives, they uncover a piece to the Charlie Edwards cold case puzzle that no one expected. Growing Hope is an enemies-to-lovers story of faith, romance, family, and the grace of God to work through our weakness. It is the third in a five book series, with each individual book following one of the Jameson siblings in their lives and loves. There is an overarching plot line that will span the whole series, but each individual book will have its own happy and satisfying ending.
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