Guns And Rosa
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Guns And Rosa by Emily Josephine

When an unknown person kills her evil boss, she's finally free to pursue a better life. Her new boss, a godly man full of kindness and compassion, falls for her instantly. But her past, as well as the unknown killer – who is intent on quenching the soul-parching thirst for revenge – threaten to destroy everything… ********* Rosa Manriquez wants nothing more than to extricate herself from her career as a topless dancer in Dallas, Texas. It’s not easy, working for a boss who has beat up – and worse – his “girls” who have tried to leave their jobs in the past. But when Rosa discovers the body of Eddie, her boss, one afternoon at the club where she’s been working for years, she gets her out. And inadvertently gets tangled up in the mystery surrounding Eddie’s death. After a few days of searching, Rosa finds a housekeeping job with a motel in south Fort Worth. She also finds herself strongly attracted to her new boss, a Zimbabwe native named George Marima. The attraction is mutual, and after he hears God whisper to him that Rosa is to be his wife, he decides to ignore the boss-dating-employee taboo and asks Rosa on a date. But nothing about their blossoming relationship is easy. First, he is thrown for a loop when he finally finds out what she used to do for a living. When he finally gets past that, Gil comes on the scene. Gil is Eddie’s cousin, and having witnessed Rosa fleeing from the scene of the murder he believes she is the prime suspect, and confronts her about it. George and Rosa have developed strong feelings for each other, but Gil’s appearance reminds Rosa of who she used to be – and convinces her that she can never be good enough for a kind, godly man like George. As they work through their personal struggles, so must Tina, a single mother of three who used to work for George until he fired her. She is growing more and more desperate to find a job, and in her desperation makes choices that cause her to risk losing her children. In the meantime, Gil decides to take the murder matter into his own hands. What he discovers and brings to George and Rosa shocks them…but not nearly as much as when the killer shows up at a motel staff meeting, threatening to shatter the lives – and love – of everyone there. *********** This contemporary romance is a sweet, clean romance with a hint of Christian fiction. That said – WARNING - it does contain occasional mild profanity to make the rougher characters more realistic. It’s a full-length novel melding the modern world, old-fashioned romance, and suspense with the themes of redemption and purity. It is the sequel to “The Envelope”, and the second book in the “Texas Hearts” series.
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