He Who Finds A Wife
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He Who Finds A Wife by Kia Summers

Nylah Jenkins has loved Darius for as long as she can remember. She’s been by his side through thick and thin, and he’s been by hers, but now as they head toward the altar a second time, doubts about his loyalty start to seep in. Those doubts are compounded when what begins as a friendly reunion with old college friends to an intervention that none of them could’ve seen coming. Meanwhile, it is time for the reunion of five college women who are successful, confident, and most of the time on fire for God. They’re all coming together to celebrate their older friend, 15 years of marriage as she acclaims by renewing her wedding vows. ‘Mama Bear’, a former college R.A, better known as Nylah by her peers, has plans for her friends. She’s determined to find the perfect Godly men for them, but with her meddling, their own desperation to beat their biological clocks, and misguided attempts to get things right, block them from love at every turn. Will lingering doubts from the past, messy friends, and mistrust ruin Nylah’s chance for her renewing of her vows and having a real happily-ever-after with the man of her dreams? Or will love, faith, and prayer prevail for all? Find out what happens in He Who Finds A Wife!
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