Heart Under Construction: A Curvy Single Mom Instalove
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Most guys ghost me when they find out I'm a single mom. Everyone, except Austin.

Dating in a small town sucks.

Like really sucks.

Especially when your past is filled with drama like mine.

I don't have time for any of that. I have my son to look after.

That's why I took this job at Fit Mountain Construction.

As the company's new receptionist, I can just go to work and come home.

The last thing I need is to fall in love with my coworker, Austin.

Unfortunately, Austin is a hot mountain man.

Hot mountain men are my weakness.

And Austin? Well, he’s hot, and sweet, and there for me when I need him.

He says he wants to break my rules.

And now that we’re going out tonight,

I think I just might let him…

Heart Under Construction is a filthy-sweet mountain man instalove featuring a young, single mom and the handsome mountain man who sweeps her off her feet. And with a 90-minute read time, it's the perfect lunchbreak or weeknight read. Enjoy!

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