Her Mail Order Misunderstanding: A Sweet Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Brides of Lone Hollow Book 3)
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When young and ambitious schoolteacher, Amelia Hawthorne, arrives in the dusty town of Lone Hollow, she is eager to begin her new life and make a difference in the lives of her students. But what she didn't expect was the town’s current headstrong schoolteacher who not only refuses to leave his post but also disputes the claim that he had placed an advertisement for his replacement. Harrison Craig yearns for a family to call his own. As a beloved teacher in town, he sets his sights on finding love through a mail-order bride advertisement. When a beautiful woman arrives, thinking she's answering an ad for a teaching job, he’s unsure what to make of the misunderstanding and challenges her for the position. “Whoever can win over the town gets the job.” The two clash at every turn, but when a young girl goes missing, they are forced to put aside their differences and work together to find her. Will they discover their differences tear them apart or bring them closer together? Find out in this heartwarming historical romance where love and adventure collide.
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