Her Rival Cowboy
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Her Rival Cowboy by Natalie Dean


She thinks he’s just the arrogant, rich cowboy from the rival ranch down the road. He’s out to prove her wrong…

Born smack-dab in the middle of his more successful siblings, Benji Miller finds himself wondering where his place is on his family’s wealthy ranch. It’s hard to stand out when he has five brothers that just so happen to include the Leader, the Veteran, the Genius, and the Playboy. Benji’s only claim to fame is that he’s really good at fixing things.

But that talent comes to the forefront when Benji’s Ma asks him to help a neighbor in need. Neighbors who just so happen to own the rival Touhey Ranch.

Neighbors who also just so happen to have a 
beautiful spitfire of a daughter named Danielle—who seems to hate his guts for no good reason.

Danielle can’t figure out the handsome Benji. Usually people like to make fun of her for being a tomboy who just wants to care for the animals on the farm. She figures there must be something up with him showing all this interest in her.

After repeated attempts at trying to get Danielle to show a little kindness, she still treats Benji like he’s the worst person on earth. Now Benji must decide if he wants to look past her attitude to do the right thing, or let her sour disposition chase him off…

Author’s Note:
Her Rival Cowboy is a sweet contemporary western romance novel that is sure to sweep you off your feet!

Brothers of Miller Ranch is a series of books that are about each of the wealthy but humble brothers of Miller Ranch finding true love! Each book is a standalone novel that can be enjoyed without having read the other books of the series. Download and enjoy!

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