Her Wagon Train Cowboy: A Sweet Western Historical Wagon Train Romance (Wagon Train Women Book 3)
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She’s traveling with a secret.

After her husband dies mysteriously, Lillian Jones doesn’t know what she will do. The world is no place for a widow, especially one with a baby in her belly. When a few strangers come knocking on her door wanting money her late husband owes them, she and her parents flee Missouri, heading for the frontier far away from the debts the men claim she owes.

He’s traveling to escape his family's ruined name.

Everett Ford, Emma’s brother, is trying to escape his past after he and his sister were forced to leave New York. Weighed under a thick layer of scandal, he battles his demons from what his father did and what he knew about. Although he tries to find distraction in learning how to be a cowboy and take care of the cattle on the wagon train, something is still missing. He just can’t put his finger on what it is.

When Lillian’s parents see the spark between their daughter and the lonely cowboy, they hatch a plan that could ensure their daughter’s safety and future. Can Lillian and Everett escape the guilt of their pasts, finding comfort in each other? Or will Lillian’s secrets be far too much for Everett to take?

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