Hidden Little Gems
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Hidden Little Gems by Jada Stone


The Seacoast Hotel has been in Jenna’s family her whole life. So when her parents ask Jenna and her four sisters to help save it from going out of business, she’s all in. Rather than spending the year abroad as she planned to get over her unfaithful ex, Rob, she devotes all her time and energy into revamping their beloved hotel.

It’s a welcome distraction from her messy love life...until the designer they hired to help with the project turns out to be more than a talented pair of hands. Jonathan is easy on the eyes, but Jenna is trying to ignore that. He’s also hot and cold, and frustratingly hard to read. One minute they’re working as a team, the next they’re arguing about paint colors.

Despite their battles, Jenna is determined to save her family’s legacy.

Through a series of embarrassing mishaps, Jenna and Jonathan begin to warm to each other.

Until a mysterious visitor shows up at the hotel one day that can ruin it all.

Can Jenna save the Seacoast Hotel and her love life from going off the deep end?

You won't want to miss this sweet series with a dose of laughter!

Five great clean romance books that can be read as standalones or in a series.

*Treasure Bay Book One (Jenna and Jonathan)

*Treasure Bay Book Two

*Treasure Bay Book Three

*Treasure Bay Book Four

*Treasure Bay Book Five

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