Human, Flawed, Forgiven

Human, Flawed, Forgiven by Selma J. Geis

Human, Flawed, Forgiven is a transformative guide that delves into the complex journey of forgiveness for one's parents. The narrative is structured to help readers understand that while parents are inherently flawed—as all humans are—holding onto anger and blame is a self-imposed burden that serves no purpose. It emphasizes that forgiveness is a gift one gives to oneself, a crucial step toward healing and building a healthier, happier life. Through personal anecdotes, psychological insights, and practical advice, the author navigates the reader through the powerful process of shifting outward blame toward inward responsibility. The book posits that forgiveness is an internal process, one that does not require the participation or even awareness of the person being forgiven. It's a powerful reminder that we have the strength and the right to choose forgiveness at any moment, for our own sake, and to live life to its fullest, free from the past.
ISBN: 979-8-89403-004-3
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