I AM A Divine Warrior : A Better Life Starts With You
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This is an exceptional memoir and self-help positive book on overcoming obstacles. The book provides self-development faith-based tips on how to handle trials and tribulations. We all will go through some type of hardship in our lives. The goal is to not give up, to do better, and break negative generational cycles. The best way you can overcome obstacles in your life is to obtain the knowledge to do better. This book will let you explore my memoir experience, at which you will get to explore my most intimate experiences varying from trauma, pain, abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and other obstacles. Most importantly, this is a combined memoir and self-help workbook; at which will help you to overcome similar challenges, or any obstacles you may face by building a strong relationship with God. Always remember, the more knowledge you acquire the better you will be with making good decision and overcoming obstacles pertaining to spiritual warfare. I AM A Divine Warrior, is about snippets of my life experiences and tips on how to overcome. Additionally, as a Master Social Worker, and Ordained Minister, I have used a combination of professional and spiritual development tips. Know you have the keys to apply to your life, so you can become the best version of you. Don't give up, no matter how hard it gets in life. Remember it is in God's timing and not our own. So, start today with building a stronger relationship with God, complete your inner healing, mental health advocacy, wellness empowerment, increasing your faith to overcome obstacles with motivational tips. This book is helpful to all adults. But it is especially targeted to help those overcoming homeless, at risk of homelessness, domestic violence survivors, foster young adults aging out of the system, former group home individuals, single parents, divorced women, grandparents raising grandchildren, multigenerational homes, and oppressed populations.
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