I am The One
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I am The One by Sherylynne L. Rochester-Dix

Treat yourself to this gripping story filled with hurt, despair, heartbreak, and a journey of self-love. Claudia was all in love with her high school sweetheart, Wendell. She locked her heart with his. It was a purely live, love, and laugh for ten of the fifteen years they were together. During that time, she gave little to no attention to God and His guidance. Claudia forgot God when she was in this relationship. Nothing could hold her back from celebrating and cherishing her life with Wendell, the one she made her first love. She etched her name beside his, which was all the world she could imagine and needed. But after fifteen years, Wendell broke up with her. It was heart-breaking. A life without Wendell was a life she could not imagine. She had nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and no place to live. What was she to do? Embarrassed, she did not want to go back to her family. Claudia did not want to hear, “Told you so!” She did not want to face the heartbreak and past mistakes she made in this now failed relationship. The only thing she could do was end it all. With a heavy, broken heart and a despairing soul, she was ready to give it all up, including life itself. She had nothing left. Wendell was her world. He used to give her everything: love, sex, attention, gifts; you name it. Now she’s left with nothing. Nothing at all. What happened next was inescapable, and she only had herself to blame. Her grandmother warned her, but she did not listen and now Claudia had to decide to give up or give it to God—the same God she had deserted years before because of Wendell. She now has a decision to make. Does she give it all up or does she turn back to God and let Him turn a heartbreak into a blessing in disguise? Here is Claudia’s journey of how Wendell broke up with her to Claudia finding herself, finding God, becoming a christian woman filled with purpose, determination, and finding love and christian romance again with a Christian billionaire... maybe. Page Up & Grab Your Copy Today. Prayers & Devotional included. This christian women's fiction and single women fiction is a short 17K word story of breakup, heartbreak and an emotional, purpose filled devotional and prayers that ends on a cliff-hanger. Use this story and devotional during your study time with God one week at a time. Great read for those going through an earth shattering breakup, those going through a tough single season, or those wanting more christian women self help books.
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