I Forgive You, You Psycho!: An honest, 12-step program for getting over your toxic ex and living the life you were meant to live before they came in and f*cked it all up
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Have you ever fallen prey to a sh!t show of a relationship? Are you wondering how to recover? Meet I Forgive You, (You Psycho!), a hilarious, twelve-step primer that walks you through the process of healing from your awful ex. Unlike other relationship books, I Forgive You (You Psycho!) offers advice that works from hard-won experience and does so without taking itself too seriously. It is succinct, to the point, and eminently actionable. In the pages of this book, you will discover - What scorpions are and how to handle them - The power of admission and the reclamation of your self-worth - How to step out of the need for victimhood, validation, or reassurance - The process of reconnecting with your inner knowing and best instincts - Your sense of humor Take your life back and turn the recovery process into a joyful and liberating experience!
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