I Have A Secret I Must Tell
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I Have A Secret I Must Tell by Esosa Daniel-Oniko

Tears came to her eyes and her stomach clenched. She felt like running. Then she felt like screaming. She did neither. Tireni is unmoored by events beyond her control, and she will lose her way before she finds herself. Osamede is a proud, steady, kind rock of a man whose love for his family is immeasurable, but not enough in itself. He will find himself unwittingly embroiled in a bitter conflict that centers Iziegbe, naive, long suffering, and buffeted by the winds of tradition. Noruwa and Osayi are trying not to allow childlessness carve a chasm between them, but as they battle external forces, they find themselves weakening. As all their lives become entwined, happenings from times past ultimately lead to a secret. A big one. Three generations. Many people. One story And a secret that must be told. In this fast-paced, multi generational family drama, the reader is grabbed by the collar and shoved in the chest from the very first page. Its very relatable characters will invade your thoughts. You will know them, and you will run to them when you can catch a moment, perhaps between stops on the bus or train, while you cook, while you eat, before bed, or on the couch after work. Because it’s that kind of story.
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