I will dress any body type
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I believe that a closet is like a refrigerator. Imagine this: you've thought of what you're going to treat your friends to. At the store, you shop according to your list but you make one emotional purchase – you grab a bunch of bananas. You didn't need them. The party is over, life goes on, and the bunch of bananas meets its organic death. They've piled up and gone rotten. How many "rotten-bananas clothes" are piled up in your closet? The thing is, we're generally well trained in food preparation. Yes, while shopping for food we make emotional purchases too, especially when we shop on an empty stomach or without a plan. But the price of clothes bought without proper knowledge or on an emotional high is often many times higher than randomly bought food. Moreover, our mistaken purchases do not see organic deaths. It's a paradox! We can cook well, but we don't know simple clothing recipes! And yet we don't give up – falling stubbornly into the same trap over and over again. My goal is to reduce the number of "rotten bananas" in your closets. We'll look at the best formulas for all body types and talk about the details, where the devil is. We will learn how to create proportionate looks easily. Modeling a figure is not as simple a task as it seems. If it were that simple, you wouldn't be reading this right now and we would be surrounded by beautifully dressed people. I'm not sure I'll answer all the questions you have. Because life is more powerful than rules, each of us has a unique body. We also have many varying traits, such as big enchanting eyes, beautiful hair, or thin ankles. Even a low voice can make a difference. But I tried to collect and systematize recommendations, so that you can learn to choose your clothes taking into account your body type and reduce the number of unnecessary purchases. I can't wait to start!
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