Illusions: Ravens of Darkness
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  The Ravens of Darkness is a secret society of gifted elites: seers, shifters, and telepaths that have controlled history from the shadows. They have remained hidden for centuries, until now. 

   Living in a quiet beach town on Lake Michigan, sixteen-year-old Evie Willow is terrified of drowning, but she's even more afraid of letting her feelings out. When the charming, telepathic lifeguard, Talon Renwyck, suddenly turns his affections toward her, Evie's ability to rein in her feelings is threatened. Talon knows a secret that plunges Evie into the deep waters of her emotions.

   As she drifts from the life she knows into Talon's beckoning arms, she learns that he is  more than just the handsome guy she's falling in love with. Caught in a supernatural addiction and tied to the mysterious raven cult, Talon is crying out for help. Can Evie save him from himself?

   Is their love the real deal or is it an illusion? 

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