In the Land of the Living
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In the Land of the Living by A.T. Lischak

A DEEPLY CATHARTIC EXPLORATION INTO THE HUMAN CONDITION There is an unrelenting presence that stirs a restless longing within Duncan. A longing to know the truth…His new stepfather, James, is an unwelcomed addition to his life. No amount of time or distance seems to be able to heal the deep-seated bitterness that strains their relationship. It only forces him to grapple with a childhood he would rather forget. Yet, all the while, God has not forgotten Duncan or the pain he suffers. In fact, He has been the One purposefully orchestrating it all, both calamity and blessing. How can God turn such turmoil into something beautiful and good? Duncan’s life is one such example that answers this very question, albeit in an unexpected way. Told in vignettes, this evocative story of trauma, grief, and forgiveness shines an honest light on the corruption and hope of the human spirit.
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