Intelligent Huddles: How to Launch and Facilitate Meaningful Daily Huddles to Improve Team Communication, Strengthen Culture, and Reduce Employee Turnover
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Two of the biggest obstacles to business success are poor communication and poor relationships between team members and leaders. Most don’t realize this and even fewer have the tools to solve these problems. You don’t have to be most leaders.

Intelligent Huddles shows you how to plan, implement, and run daily huddles to improve communication and effectiveness in any organization. Andrea Hemmer uses her in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and expert communication techniques to deliver a brilliant new framework for the daily huddle. She turns one of the most dreaded events—the business meeting—into a fun, interactive, and valuable process that will serve the organization in many ways.

Hemmer’s Intelligent Huddle system will:

  • increase effective communication;
  • strengthen relationships between leaders and team members;
  • decrease team member turnover;
  • inspire higher levels of teamwork;
  • build trust and improve the organization’s culture;
  • and, help create wins and bottom line net profit.

Leaders in every industry will benefit from Intelligent Huddles when they utilize this powerful new system within their teams. If strong team communication, a healthy culture, and a profitable bottom line are important to you, then you need this book!

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