Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 40: 5 Healthy Habits to Gain Self Confidence: A Transformative Weight Loss Guide
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If you really want your life to begin in your 40s and become the

best version of yourself, then keep reading…

Have you seen celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and Halle Berry

and wished you also could look your best at their age?

Do you want to finally lose that stubborn fat without getting stressed about counting calories,

depriving yourself of your favorite food, or exercising yourself to exhaustion?

More than looking good on the outside, are you longing to feel good inside – which means

having a perfectly healthy heart, gut, and brain?

Let’s face it – being a 40-something female is not easy, especially in a society that becomes

crueler as you age. On top of hormonal changes that could easily drive anyone nuts, you have

to juggle your career and your family responsibilities... plus find time to be in shape.

What others don’t understand is, that when it comes to losing weight – and keeping it off – age

does matter. Changes in your eating habits and activities, as well as the way your body works,

are just some of the reasons why it’s not as easy to shed pounds as when you were younger.

Don’t fret though – it’s not entirely a hopeless case. In fact, cracking the code to weight loss only

takes one key element: timing.

This is where intermittent fasting comes in – a practical, time-tested, and proven eating pattern

that doesn’t focus on what you eat but rather on when you eat. It’s as simple as alternating

between periods of eating and fasting… which we do anyway on a normal basis.

Intermittent fasting is not only about losing weight – it’s about a complete reset of your body.

With this approach, you can also improve your cardiovascular health, repair your digestive

system, and boost your immunity, among other health gains.

More than just a trendy diet, intermittent fasting has a lot to offer… and this book will tell you

exactly what those are and how you can take advantage of them for yourself.

Inside, here is just a small fraction of what you will discover:

● The 7 key benefits of intermittent fasting – find out how it can help you escape the

unhealthy cycle you’ve been trapped in

● A step-by-step guide to following intermittent fasting, from making your own personalized

action plan to monitoring your results

● How metabolism differs between men and women… and why intermittent fasting

is considered a female-friendly approach to losing weight

● The best foods to eat when breaking your fast, and what you should avoid at all costs

● How to stay motivated and deal with setbacks to successfully achieve your health


● Why eating less can push you to move more… make any trainer proud with your

workout routine!

● The dos and don’ts of intermittent fasting, including how to choose which plan is

perfect for you

And much more.

What makes intermittent fasting different is it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle. This approach helps

you retrain your mind and body to change your unhealthy habits… and ditch them for good.

There’s no better timing than now to start your journey to a whole new you – make today your

Day 1 with intermittent fasting!

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