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Issues by Renee

Chasity “Independence is important. Don’t depend on a man!” Chasity is running from her past while chasing after her future. She has everything right in front of her, but she doesn’t realize it. Will her past keep her from her future? Alisha “Love is all I need to complete my life.” Alisha is searching for love in all the wrong places, because the love of her life is in love with someone else who happens to be her best friend. Is pursuing love at all cost worth it in the end? Keith “Patience is a virtue and I love you!” Keith is patiently waiting for Chasity to see that he is all the man she needs. The problem is she is too independent to see it. Keith still tries to wait patiently. There is another who is consistently pursing his love and its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Will patience be rewarded? Lonnie “My love is big enough for both of us!” Lonnie is obsessed with his first love. He will do anything to get her back even if it means black mailing her. Will his love be enough to win her heart?
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