It Happened Last Summer…
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It Happened Last Summer… by Phillip Franco


Elizabeth McAndrews is newly landed in college, studying investigative journalism. She's looking for a story. Until her revisiting the murder of her dear friend and high school mentor, Mrs. Thompson, starts turning up unresolved questions.

The police have laid the case to bed. There are no promising leads. Dr. William Thompson, her husband and the well regarded head of admissions for St. Mary's University, has moved on. Yet Elizabeth persists.

With the help of her high school friend David Donavan, she relentlessly follows a treacherous thread that places them both in increasing danger. A seemingly serene suburban world begins to unravel, revealing a web of duplicity, power, and occult forces battling for dominance.

Elizabeth will stop at nothing to discover the truth of what happened. But at what cost?

It Happened Last Summer is a riveting and thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery. If you like detective fiction, the occult, and bold heroines, you will love this inaugural title from author Phillip Franco.

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