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Jilted by Jean L. Kuhnke

Jilted Valerie sat in her wedding dress trying to understand what went wrong after Dillan left her standing at the alter. She and her father had to explain to their guests why there would not be a marriage ceremony. The humiliation alone was enough to make her fall apart, but with the help from her father, they made it through the afternoon encouraging their guests to enjoy the prepared celebration meal. As she sat on the steps in her back yard, she determined to fulfill a childhood dream and go to the ocean cottage she reserved for their wedding trip. It was not exactly how she planned to spend her honeymoon, but it was something she always wanted to do. Many of the people she met along the way helped her to adjust to her new reality. The excitement of experiencing her lifelong dream, Valerie blossomed as she explored the shore of Edgewater Cove until she met Rachael, a woman able to identify with the jilted bride. Rachael and Valerie helped each other overcome circumstances they had no control over in the first place. When Garth showed up with his daughter, Clara, Valerie learned what it meant to love someone the way a man and woman were expected to.
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