Keys to a Billionaire’s Heart
That’ll teach him to come crawling back to me! He’s a grumpy ex-Navy SEAL, a widower, and a billionaire’s son. “You’re hot trash!” Forgive me. Those words just fell out of my mouth when Adam Markos showed up at my door with his child-prodigy daughter. Though if trash had muscles like those, I’d marry a dumpster. I haven’t been this flustered since I was homecoming queen. And Adam was my boyfriend. Fast forward, and I’m getting lost in the gorgeous view again. The warm, mahogany brown eyes. The touchable black hair. That incredibly sculpted body. Nothing so vile should be so divinely crafted. Now Adam’s daughter needs music lessons. From the best of instructors. And that’s me. After all these years, I never expected this . . . I never turn down a talented pupil. This isn’t over—not by a long shot. Keys to a Billionaire’s Heart is a sweet, enemies-to-lovers, single-dad, small Midwestern town hero romance. A novel with A Feud, a Piano, and Unexpected Love. This is a stand-alone book and the first in a series of Enemies-to Lovers, Small Town Romance novels.
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