Lancaster County Second Chances
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An Amish widow. A second chance. Can love rise from the ashes? After Katie Fisher's husband and young son are killed in a fire, the young Amish widow returns to her parents' home broken-hearted with her faith in shambles. Katie can never imagine marrying again. But when 31-year-old Amish widower, Joseph Lapp, comes to Katie's district church service looking to hire an honest woman to help him take care of his three rambunctious children, Katie accepts the position. Katie quickly finds herself falling in love with Joseph's children, and with him. But when a new tragedy threatens their fragile future together, will the couple have the faith to risk a second chance at love? Lancaster County Second Chances is the first of Ruth Price’s best-selling Amish romance 6-book series. If you are looking for a beautifully written, clean story that shows how years or months of loss can be turned around and happiness found, then you'll love Book 1 of Ruth Price's sweet and wholesome Amish series. Scroll up and download this best-selling Amish Romance for FREE for a LIMITED TIME.
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