Legacy of Faith
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Legacy of Faith by Teresa Slack

"Mystery, romance, and family secrets. I give it 5 stars..." "...Secrets, lies, revelations and the search for forgiveness and truth..." In a remote farmhouse, during the worst blizzard in Ohio history an old man falls down a flight of stairs to his death. Accident? Or something more? Melody Knauff cannot accept her strong, larger-than-life grandpa slipped and died like a feeble old man. As she investigates the events of that fateful morning, she soon realizes everyone in the house had a reason to want him at the bottom of those stairs. But did they want it enough to push him? The more Melody learns about her beloved grandpa’s past and the secrets he hid for sixty years, the more she wonders if she knew him at all. Who was Warner Beckwith? Was he a thief and a liar who was killed to preserve his secrets, or was he the strong man of faith Melody remembered? She won’t rest until she finds out what happened the morning the Great Blizzard of '78 struck, even if it means becoming a target herself. Legacy of Faith is the much anticipated fifth installment of the award winning Jenna's Creek Series. What reviewers are saying about the series. "...A heartfelt novel, reflecting the author's deeply held faith. Also recommended is the first book in the Jenna's Creek series, "Streams of Mercy." -Midwest Book Review "...Slack creates a compelling plot and descriptive movement..[she] allows flawed characters to suffer the consequence of their sins and come to their own determination of a need for God... [the] pacing of the book enhances the read..." -Christian Library Journal
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