Let Yourself Heal Once Again
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Let Yourself Heal Once Again by Janith Hooper

Deputy sheriff Jacquelyn Lewis longs to enforce the law. Veterinarian Hunter Cooper yearns to heal the helpless. They barely begin their careers before she’s fired and he kills his first patient. If they help each other to heal, might they find their way to true happiness? Hunter Cooper was made to be a veterinarian, to heal animals of every kind, far and wide. But when his first patient dies—by his hand—his confidence shatters and his dream dies. What else can he do but go home to lick his wounds, help his brothers run the Bar-6, and ignore Crook County’s urgent need for a second veterinarian. Yet, no sooner does he arrive than the local vet gets seriously injured. Hunter must step up. But how? Jacquelyn Lewis trained hard to become a deputy sheriff. An unlikely candidate in a man’s world, she earned her badge because she is pragmatic, intelligent, and a gifted student of human behavior. But when a routine call escalates and a bystander gets shot, her boss jumps at the chance to fire her. The only place she can go is Sundance, Wyoming, and her sheriff father, who is the only one who’ll hire her. When the sheriff tasks Jackie to assist Dr. Cooper in his new role as the county veterinarian, she is angry. But soon the two find a rhythm that has nothing to do with work. As their interest in each other grows, a stampede of adversity clobbers their budding relationship. Overwhelmed by a cattle disease outbreak, the arrival of Jackie’s ex-boyfriend, and a cruel new twist to the sabotage at the Bar-6, will Hunter and Jackie face the challenges together…or apart? ~Breath Without Life novels portrays seven bachelor ranchers, each so broken down by old wounds that he cannot conceive of ever finding love. Be there when one Cooper after another meets the one incredible woman who can make him whole again. ~Every book within this series is a stand-alone love story, though ranch life circumstances run chronologically through all six novels.
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