Little Aiden: A Feelings Book for Toddlers (Little Aiden Series)
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Have you always wanted to introduce emotions and feelings to your toddler, but don't have the right book on hand? Or maybe you've found a few, but it's not enough to keep your toddler engaged throughout the entire book!

Follow the story of Little Aiden as he goes about his day exploring and experiencing different feelings and emotions. Little Aiden shows other toddlers it is okay to express your feelings in his own little ways. Emotions and feelings shown in Little Aiden include, but are not limited to the following:

"Sometimes Aiden feels happy."
"Sometimes Aiden feels frustrated."
"Sometimes Aiden feels angry."

Illustrating Little Aiden’s reactions in a variety of ways, Little Aiden will bring joy and laughter to the whole family and your little ones.

The simple, yet repetitive style of the book allows your toddlers to understand that all feelings are okay, and the vibrant illustrations will captivate your children and keep them engaged throughout the book.

Genre: Children's
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