Live Wire: A Steamy Firefighter Romance (MetroGen After Hours)
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I never wanted to be your friend. I always wanted you . . .

Firefighter Matt Soto knows how to please a woman in so many ways. He never sleeps alone unless he wants to . . . and then she walks into his favorite bar, dressed to kill. She looks like sin, tastes like passion. If only they hadn't been friends for a decade.

Izzy Reyes is tired of striking out at love. She's divorced, single, and got picked to go undercover as a streetwalker this summer by the police force. Which should be impossible since her ex-husband told her she was frigid in bed. But now, Matt is seeing her with new eyes, and she's ready for anything he's willing to teach her.

Neither of them went into this looking for a relationship, but passion follows its own rules. . .

Warning: This is a naughty HFN prequel to the MetroGen After Hours. Do not read if you don't like second chance friends to lovers when the firefighting playboy you've lusted for gives you a crash course in pleasure!

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