Lone Star Ex-Con: A Marriage of Convenience/Curvy Girl Romance (Saddle Creek, TX: The Crawfords Book 1)
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A Marriage of Convenience/Curvy Girl Romance


I know "Roe" is different the minute he steps into the library. It’s not his scowl or his tattoos or even the intelligence he tries so hard to hide. There’s something in his eyes that calls to me. I feel a connection with him I can’t explain. Of course he’s also the most devastatingly handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He needs a wife. And he can provide something I want. So despite the fact that he’s way hotter than me, I offer to meet him at the altar. But I never expected to fall in love with my husband.


I just got out of prison, I'm tarnished, tainted. It doesn’t matter if I was wrongly accused. Still, one look at the bespectacled, curvy librarian, and I’m hooked. Clean, educated, and polished, Callie is beautiful, sweet, and the sheriff’s sister. She’s the last person I should want because I’m the worst person for her. But when she offers to marry me to meet the conditions of my grandfather’s will, I practically run to the courthouse.

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