Long Road to Justice
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Long Road to Justice by Bruce Hammack

The truth may cost him everything… but living a lie is no longer an option. Sixteen years ago, David Harper’s father was sent to prison for his mother’s murder. Escaping the shame and memories, David changed his name and forged a career as a highly respected Texas State Trooper. No one knows the truth—not even his wife of five months. When his father’s conviction is overturned, David can no longer ignore his past. Revenge drives him to find his mother’s killer and make them pay. His investigation stirs a den of vipers who come out striking, and his dad is the number-one target. David's future hangs in the balance; his life, his work, and his family are on the line. He must stop the murderer before he loses it all. Long Road to Justice is a clean-read police procedural filled with serpentine twists and turns on the road to justice.
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