Longbourn Inheritance
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Longbourn Inheritance by Laraba Kendig

Elizabeth Bennet must oversee Longbourn after a family tragedy. Mr. Darcy is intrigued, Mr. Collins is baffled and Mr. Wickham is enticed. After the tragic death of her brother, the long-awaited Bennet son, Elizabeth Bennet must oversee her family’s estate, as her father has fallen into depression and drink. Even as she contends with her own sorrow, she struggles to balance her desire for a happy future with the needs of her family. Mr. Darcy visits his best friend, Mr. Bingley, who has leased the local estate of Netherfield. While on the road with his trusty dog, Maxwell, Mr. Darcy suffers a minor accident and is in need of assistance. As he eagerly awaits help, it is Miss Elizabeth who happens upon him. Mr. Collins, Mr. Wickham and Lady Catherine each have their own reasons to oppose our dear couple’s match, but their varied plans and actions only serve to bring Darcy and Elizabeth together.
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