Loosen Up To Love
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Loosen Up To Love by Nia Arthurs

A frazzled foster mother. Two adorable, trouble-maker boys. And the grouchy doctor who's helplessly drawn to them. Ida Simpson has her life in perfect order and protects that order with everything in her. Until her boyfriend of six months breaks up with her over the phone; a thief steals said phone in the middle of the devastating break-up, and she ends up accidentally hurling the robber into traffic. When Ida accompanies the young criminal to the hospital, she meets the arrogant Dr. Park Kang-Dae. He’s handsome, grumpy and has the bedside manner of an undertaker. They clash every time they meet and she’s pretty sure he lacks a heart. Hers is still alive and well because, after hearing the thief’s tear-jerker of a story, Ida ends up fostering him and his little brother. Going from newly single to newly single with two kids is a rollercoaster ride that entails frequent trips to the hospital. But with every visit, more of Dr. Park’s marshmallow heart is revealed and soon Ida finds herself falling for him. Can she juggle her patchwork family and a burgeoning romance? Or will her need for a rigidly ordered life ruin her chances of a happily ever after? Loosen Up To Love is a heartfelt AMBW rom com with a swoony closed-door romance and tender family moments. There is no cheating and no cliffhangers and this can be read as a standalone. *Note: This book was previously titled ‘PLAY’
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