Losing Minds: A Seductively Deceptive Story About the Human Brain. (Keeping Minds Book 3)
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This story takes the first two books Keeping Minds and Losing Minds and picks up where they left off. We rejoin Anna and a new "friend" on a twisted trip that you aren't going to believe. All secrets are revealed, and all answers are given. You will never be able to guess the ending. That is a promise.


What secrets may be hiding inside a handful of seemingly ordinary people, that could thrust them into an emotionally explosive ending? A dangerous mental illness? Bottled up violence and rage? Chilling personal revelations? Stolen artwork? A cold-blooded murder?


Or all of the above, perhaps?


Anna and Bern continue the hunt for David's killer and the reality behind the government work her father did with memory replacement. When she discovers the truth, Anna is exposed to a darkness inside herself which she could have never imagined.  Bern is confronted with his, not so distance, past and is secretly forced to go head-to-head with a new arch nemesis. Meanwhile, Detective Thatcher continues digging and starts disregarding the same laws he is supposed to uphold, in his intensifying quest to find Bern guilty of a crime. When he stumbles upon some documents, he begins to believe the loving couple may be covering up related murders and possibly even planning more. It will take a final, explosive showdown to end it all.


Losing Minds is an intense emotional explosion that is thought provoking while at the same time mind numbing. This story follows up the first two books Keeping Minds and Failing Minds, with a story that collides those two worlds together.


A seductively deceptive ride through the lives and minds of ordinary people, being pushed into extraordinary circumstances. Losing Minds is an indescribable trip that shows how losing your mind can end up helping you find your true self.



What readers are saying:


“What a captivating book! I was hooked after reading the first book in the series. The unique perspective that the author has in his writing style is like no other. Absolutely Amazing!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“I loved this amazing series! I fell into in love with every signal character. I really hope there’s more to come!!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


My editors comments:

"This is a perfect "end" to the trilogy. The plot progresses excellently, with sufficient twists and turns to keep the reader wondering and alert. The character of  ?  switches wonderfully and creepily to advance the story and flesh out the other characters, especially Anna. The contrasts of "loving couples" is one of the best parts of the book, and adds a new dimension to Bern and Anna. You have taken the plots of the first two books and meshed them in an unbelievable story that is fully believable. I think this is the best of the three books."


As with Keeping Minds and Failing Minds, this book contains mature, adult content, even more twisted than before. Please read with the expectation of disturbingly shocking and twisted, unedited human behavior.

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