Love to Hate You
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Love to Hate You by Ava Gray


When I say that I never thought I would fall for Nash Beckett…
I feel just a little bit silly.

Ask any single girl to take a look at him and his life, and you’ll find out why.
Son of a billionaire.
Tall, handsome, impossible to ignore.
His presence is demanding.
And also extremely infuriating.

His father made me the vice president before he died.
And now… well, everything is up in the air.
Nash and I are literally fighting for the same position.
Our positions in bed, though, are way easier to navigate.

It was all fun, games, and
hate before a third person came into the picture.
Our unborn baby.
That left me with one option – a broken heart.
And well, quite possibly, unemployment as well.
So much for thinking that I was going to lead a billion-dollar company…
The only thing I’m now left with is a stick I just peed on!

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