Lovers Always
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Lovers Always by F. B. Meyer


From the time of man’s innocence in Eden, marriage has had the divine blessing. And Jesus expressly gave the approval of the new covenant to the original command, when He reiterated the ancient words that a man should leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife and that they would be one flesh. Tender are the ties of home with the mother that bore, the sister that tended, and the father that watched the onset of life and taught the boy to shoot his first arrow, kick his first ball, or take his first dive. But all these must yield in strength and tenacity to the call of that masterful love which says of two lives, "You shall no longer be two, but one.”

In the sacred ties of marriage, there should be the same reverence, delicacy, and purity that have prevailed in the preceding months or years of courtship. Reason and the recognition of the presence of Christ and His holy angels must always influence all the relationships of our lives. Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, may we do all to the glory of God.

List of Chapters

  1. The Wedding Day
  2. What the Wife Expects from Her Husband
  3. What the Husband Expects from His Wife
  4. Difficult Marriages
  5. The Home
  6. The Dowry of Children
  7. Common Interests
  8. The Retirement Years
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