Lucky Stars: A sci-fi comedy series (The Alice Luck Space Adventures Book 1)
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Earthling Alice Luck dreamed of bigger things than working at an office supply store. Fortunately, the gig is not what she thought it would be. Instead of pushing printer ink, she's now the unqualified space captain on an intergalactic mission to breed dwindling apex populations. A weird twist of events, sure, but at least she's using her degree in animal husbandry for something. With the help of a warrior woman from a parallel universe, an anxious expert in weapons and culture, a holographic therapist, and an operating system with a hard-on for double entendres, Alice leads the crew of DeepService Team One on their inaugural mission. But when an unexpected attack on alien territory catches them with their pants down, Alice must ask herself: why in the multiverse does someone want them dead? Lucky Stars is the first book of the Alice Luck Space Adventures series. If you like a rag-tag crew, zany aliens, and unexpected laughs, you’ll love this space comedy series from H. Claire Taylor.
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