Lusting in the Pews
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Lusting in the Pews by Tracee Boyd

Welcome to Crossroads Ministries where some members get on their knees to pray while others get on your knees to do other things. Pastor Kofi Jackson and his family are all at odds with themselves. The Jackson family learns the hard way that just because you get dressed up and attend church doesn’t make you exempt from sin. The Matriarch of the family and also the Pastor of Crossroads Ministries, Kofi Jackson has always been a man with a powerful tongue and a wandering eye. Over the years, his wife turns a blind eye to all his infidelities but when karma comes knocking on Kofi’s church door, he has no option but to face his past. The problem is, when you’ve done so much dirt, you make a lot of enemies so the question isn’t if someone is after Pastor Jackson but WHO IS IT. Time is running out and Kofi finds it very hard to hide behind his suits and thousand dollar smile. Vivian Jackson, wife of Pastor Kofi Jackson finds out all too well that some people attend church to not get on their knees and pray but they set out to accomplish one thing...and that’s being the new and approved First Lady. Vivian had a hard life before meeting her so-called prince charming but she refuses to let anyone at Crossroads Ministries push her out of her marriage so over the years she learns how to turn a blind eye to all the disrespect but she she sees her family crumbling, she tries to find a voice...but is it too late. Let’s bow our heads and pray that it’s not too late for the Jackson family but Crossroads Ministries has an open door policy and when the past comes knocking, the doors are blown open. It’s time to answer your sins!
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