Mafia Crown: Standalone Enemies to Lovers Romance
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"I’ll marry you Sunshine," his eyes gleam, "on one condition."
"What?" I whisper, "what is it?"
"I get equal stake in the Cosa Nostra business."

He’s my second chance.
The man with the face of my first love.
A terrifying and magnetically gorgeous man with brutal blue eyes.
An outlaw whose very presence sucks the air from my lungs.
A monster who doesn't remember his past, whose soul is shrouded in scars, pain, and darkness.
A villain who refuses to acknowledge my very existence.
The rogue who I am going to marry,
For this may be the only chance I have to find happiness.
So what if it means binding myself to a man who hates me?
Except 'until death do us part' is going to come quicker than anyone knows...

A brute of a Mafia guy clashes with a firebrand florist who refuses to take no for an answer in this intensely emotional enemies to lovers, fake marriage, Mafia romance. 1-Click NOW

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